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If you have a large crack or chip in your windshield, and it is becoming foggy between the panes of glass, then you may need an appointment for us to replace it. This process can take up to two hours with no problems whatsoever; however, if this isn’t something that has happened before–you might be wondering what steps they will follow when removing the old one and installing a new one! Here are some basic guidelines:

The first step in the windshield removal process is to remove the old trim holding it in place. Think of this like removing an old, crumbling piece of caulking around your home window so you can pry off the glass and move on with your life. A razor blade or other sharp object should do just fine for getting under those pieces, loosening them up a bit before we go any further.

Once the trim is removed, the windshield should be able to be lifted. Large suction cups with handles may help protect it from breaking as they pop out of place and give way for removal.

Cleaning the pinch weld before installing a new windshield is essential in ensuring that it won’t fall out during your drive. To do this, some rubbing alcohol or window cleaner and paper towels or rags are used for wiping off any residue left behind by using these products. 

The last step in a windshield replacement process is to install the new glass. Once urethane has been applied, it’s time for that final crucial part on any car. Our glass specialist carefully places and positions the window over where it used to be. They then use suction cups and bars as leverage while applying pressure into place until finally setting it permanently.

Most windshield replacements cost about $200. Windshield Crack Repairs typically cost between $50-$85. Still, prices may vary depending on the situation for some instances, so you can only know by checking with our staff here at Billings Auto Glass & Windshield Repair. We recommend using this quote form and submitting it electronically to receive a confirmation of how much your service will be. We will also let you know when we are available to accommodate your needs best!

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We are not a large windshield repair company with offices across the country. We are proudly and locally owned by Billings natives who want to do their best for people they know and love because when you live in your town, this is what matters most.

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We’re the perfect auto glass company for you. We take pride in our work and we always want to provide a job well done, no matter what type of service your car may need! Whether it’s windshield repair or complete replacement that you require, we will never overcharge. In addition to this attractive price point and top-notch customer care, all repairs are backed by lifetime warranties so there is little risk on your part whatsoever when choosing us as your chosen provider today!

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We are a family-run windshield repair and replacement business. We started small but from the very beginning, we wanted to bring you service that would make people come back time and time again so they could stay safe on their travels with us. Our contractors are friendly and if they don’t meet your expectations, give them another call because we will always do all that’s in our power to put it right for every customer who comes through our doors!

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To this day, we have built our auto glass repair business on word of mouth and continue to do so. For us to make that work, you need trust in the company; which is why when you call us for help with your window replacement or windshield breakage needs – not only will they be addressed promptly- but also professionally!

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We hire only the best contractors and this is so that we can do a great job when we arrive. Not only does it help, but you also get cross-trained employees who will be able to deal with your problems effectively and efficiently. Call Windshield Replacement Billings today!

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I had a crack on one of my windshields that just wouldn’t seem to go away no matter what we did or how much money was invested into it – until now! We finally found out who’s the best company working around these parts: they are called “Billings Window Tinting.” These guys specialize in window tinting but also offer other services like glass repair (they even do side windows!).”
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