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At Windshield Replacement Billings, West End our main purpose is to provide you with the most straightforward, honest and comprehensive auto glass service in all Billings County. We focus on delivering personalized and quality services to each individual customer since every single one of them has different needs but ultimately shares the same goal: repairing or replacing your car window while giving you peace of mind that we are dealing with professionals who know what they’re doing.

Our commitment to our customers is reflected by the thoughtful and friendly tone of voice we use when answering your call. We take plenty of time for consultations, so you never feel pressured or hurried into a decision about the services that are best suited for you.

You and your family deserve the best service for you vehicle, which is why we offer high-quality windshield repair in Billings. We want to keep all of your windows intact so that it looks its absolute best on a daily basis.

Simply put, our customers come first. Here at Windshield Repair Billings, West End your auto glass really is our passion.



Windshield Replacement Billings, West End

Windshield Replacement Billings is the leading auto glass repair services in Billings

Windshield Repair Billings: your one-stop shop for all vehicle window needs! You will be able to get a fast and reliable fix no matter the problem with our experts who are knowledgeable in every facet of auto glass replacement. We’ll even make sure you’re aware of any other problems that might arise so we can address them before they cause more trouble down the line.


Long gone are the days of trading in your car for a new one every few years. These days, people keep their cars much longer. This has led to an uptick in windshield replacement requests, with Billings Auto Glass & Windshield Repair leading the way. 

Cracked windshields can be tempting to ignore, but they are a critical safety hazard. If you’ve had cracks developing for more than six months or it’s over an inch in length – not only should those cracks get taken care of right away, but the entire car needs to have its glass inspected by your local Billings auto glass specialists immediately.


When a crack spreads across the windshield, it can disrupt the driver’s view and make driving unsafe. Another problem is that your vehicle was designed to be safe for passengers in case of collision; this includes using glass as protection against flying debris from an accident by having airbags on either side of you. A cracked windshield will become ineffective at shielding these parts when there are cracks present, so travelers should pay extra attention if they notice any small chips or dents in their car windows–they could turn into something worse while travelling down a bumpy road!

Why wait for a rock chip to turn into an airbag malfunction? The small fragments and pits in your windshield can compromise the structural integrity of your car, which is why you must get them repaired before they become too serious.


We all know a broken window can be an inconvenience. Until now, you’ve only had two choices: call the insurance company and wait for them to come out or find a temporary fix before your next car wash. But with our Auto Glass Repair Specialists on-site in Billings, MT, we’re here to help!

Just give us five minutes of your time- it’s worth every second knowing that when you get back into town from vacation (or work) expecting rain or snow coming down, you have peace of mind. Thanks to our quick fixes and professional repairs, keeping everything inside safe where it belongs without any worries at all is as easy as 1-2-3.

Our glass specialist team is skilled in all sorts of automotive repairs – from a break-in to stray softballs. We’ve seen it ALL! From replacing windshields, car door windows, mirror glass, to the more complex (and often expensive) engine work – we do it all at our shop.


Few people know that the rear windshields of cars are priced differently than front windshields. Your car’s ability to withstand being involved in an accident or a piece of road debris hitting your window depends on whether it is made with laminated glass or tempered glass, which means they may be cheaper and easier to replace, respectively. It is important to remember that when you go in for a windshield replacement, the price will depend on whether or not it’s your front window or rear. Front windscreens are much cheaper than back windows because of how they’re made and installed.

When you replace a windshield, it’s not just about the price. You have to consider why there is such a vast difference in prices between front and back windshields on cars: they’re made from different types of glass! Front windshields are constructed with laminated glass – two or three layers of glass that are glued together so when something hits them, your face will be saved by shatter-proof protection. Meanwhile, rear windows use tempered glass, which does break much more quickly than its counterpart.

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We are not a large windshield repair company with offices across the country. We are proudly and locally owned by Billings natives who want to do their best for people they know and love because when you live in your town, this is what matters most.

Affordable Windshield Repair Billings

We’re the perfect auto glass company for you. We take pride in our work and we always want to provide a job well done, no matter what type of service your car may need! Whether it’s windshield repair or complete replacement that you require, we will never overcharge. In addition to this attractive price point and top-notch customer care, all repairs are backed by lifetime warranties so there is little risk on your part whatsoever when choosing us as your chosen provider today!

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We are a family-run windshield repair and replacement business. We started small but from the very beginning, we wanted to bring you service that would make people come back time and time again so they could stay safe on their travels with us. Our contractors are friendly and if they don’t meet your expectations, give them another call because we will always do all that’s in our power to put it right for every customer who comes through our doors!

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To this day, we have built our auto glass repair business on word of mouth and continue to do so. For us to make that work, you need trust in the company; which is why when you call us for help with your window replacement or windshield breakage needs – not only will they be addressed promptly- but also professionally!

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We hire only the best contractors and this is so that we can do a great job when we arrive. Not only does it help, but you also get cross-trained employees who will be able to deal with your problems effectively and efficiently. Call Windshield Replacement Billings today!

“I can’t say enough about Billings Windshield Replacement! They’re never too busy to answer my call, I’ve always been treated with the utmost respect and patience. Auto Glass Repair Billings guarantees their work for life so you don’t have to worry if something goes wrong in your car again.

I had a crack on one of my windshields that just wouldn’t seem to go away no matter what we did or how much money was invested into it – until now! We finally found out who’s the best company working around these parts: they are called “Billings Window Tinting.” These guys specialize in window tinting but also offer other services like glass repair (they even do side windows!).”
Stacy Jaime
West End
“Billings Windshield Replacement is the top notch A1 company you want to call no doubt. They are certainly the best of them all and their efficiency really shines through in simplicity for Auto Glass Repair Billings.
Erika Banks
“The service is friendly and the results are perfect. My car side window was broken into but I didn’t want to drive around with just a bag on it, so I called Windshield Repair Billings who came out right away! They’re great because they told me if anyone ever breaks my windows again all I have to do is call them back for free help replacing it. And tell your friends too- these guys should be everyone’s go-to mechanic shop when anything needs fixing”
Sasha Tidwell

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